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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Two and More Cerebral Metastases Complex Treatment Options. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisApškalne, Daina; Auslands, Kaspars
2015Criminal Procedural Compulsory Measures: the Topical Issues and Legal Regulation Enhancement Prospects. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisKaija, Sandra; Groma, Jeļena
2015Characterization of Hereditary Endometrial Cancer in Latvia. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisGardovskis, Jānis; Švampāne, Liāna
2015Changes in Oxidative Stress Parameters and Its Correction Opportunities in Particular Pathologies. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisŠķesters, Andrejs; Silova, Alise
2015Prognostic Factors of Surgically Treated Pancreatic Cancer. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisGardovskis, Jānis; Štrumfa, Ilze; Simtniece, Zane
2015Cicatricial Changes in the Kidneys and Their Link to Renal Tumours. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisŠtrumfa, Ilze; Sperga, Māris
2019Heterogenicity of Congenital Cataract and Its Influence on Pseudophakic Eye Refraction Changes. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisLaganovska, Guna; Valeiņa, Sandra
2019The Complex Morphopathogenetic Aspects of Intraabdominal Adhesions Development and Course in Infants. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisPilmane, Māra; Ābola, Zane; Junga, Anna
2019Protective Effects and Mechanisms of Action of methyl-GBB in the Preclinical Models of Diabetes and Its Complications. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisDambrova, Maija; Voļska, Kristīne
2018Pharmacoepidemiologic and Pharmacoeconomic Latvian Study of Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisKrieviņš, Dainis; Purviņa, Santa; Logviss, Konstantīns