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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2022Primary stroke prevention worldwide : translating evidence into actionOwolabi, Mayowa O.; Thrift, Amanda G.; Mahal, Ajay; Stroke Experts Collaboration Group; Berzina, Guna
25-Mar-2022Transition to the forced telework - a challenge for trade unions identified by the study on working life with COVID-19 in LatviaMatisāne, Linda; Paegle, Linda; Vanadziņš, Ivars; Rozentāle, Sarmīte; Grīntāle, Ieva; Mietule, Iveta; Lonska, Jeļena; Litavniece, Lienīte; Arbidāne, Iluta; Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health
2022European Countries Step-up Humanitarian and Medical Assistance to Ukraine as the Conflict ContinuesJain, Nityanand; Prasad, Sakshi; Bordeniuc, Alina; Tanasov, Andrei; Shirinskaya, Anna Valerievna; Béla, Bucsai; Cheuk, Chun Pong; Banica, Daniel Cristi Nicu; Panag, Deepkanwar Singh; Świątek, Dorota; Savchenko, Elena; Platos, Emilia; Lolita, Jelic; Betka, Marta Maria; Phiri, Musawenkosi; Patel, Shiv; Czárth, Zsófia Csenge; Krygowska, Aleksandra Małgorzata; Jain, Shivani; Reinis, Aigars; Rīga Stradiņš University
13-May-2008Does transition from an unstable labour market position to permanent employment protect mental health? Results from a 14-year follow-up of school-leaversReine, Ieva; Novo, Mehmed; Hammarström, Anne
12-May-2022Severe acute hepatitis and acute liver failure of unknown origin in children : a questionnaire-based study within 34 paediatric liver centres in 22 European countries and Israel, April 2022de Kleine, Ruben H.; Lexmond, Willem S.; Buescher, Gustav; the contributors to the survey; Pukite, Ieva
1-Dec-2016Immunogenetic markers definition in latvian patients with lyme borreliosis and lyme neuroborreliosisKovalchuka, Lilija; Cvetkova, Svetlana; Trofimova, Julija; Eglite, Jelena; Gintere, Sandra; Lucenko, Irina; Oczko-Grzesik, Barbara; Viksna, Ludmila; Krumina, Angelika; Joint Laboratory of Clinical Immunology and Immunogenetics; Department of Family Medicine; Department of Infectology
Apr-2019Compliance with the “Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative for Neonatal Wards” in 36 countriesThe Neo-BFHI Survey Group; Smildzere, Amanda
2006Assessment of skeletal muscle fatigue of road maintenance workers based on heart rate monitoring and myotonometryRoja, Zenija; Kalkis, Valdis; Vain, Arved; Kalkis, Henrijs; Eglite, Maija; Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
16-Oct-2021Challenges for workplace risk assessment in home offices—results from a qualitative descriptive study on working life during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in LatviaMatisāne, Linda; Paegle, Linda; Akūlova, Lāsma; Vanadziņš, Ivars; Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health
29-Apr-2022Pain Among Latvian Workers : General Prevalence vs. Registered Occupational DiseasesKaluznaja, Darja; Reste, Jeļena; Vanadziņš, Ivars; Lakiša, Svetlana; Eglīte, Maija; Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine; Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health