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Title: Alexandra Kollontai and three Swedish female physicians – friendly relationships around the Soviet ambassador in Stockholm 1930–1945
Authors: Nicolaidis, Alexandra
Nilsson, Peter M.
Dunér, David
Keywords: female physicians;history of medicine;Kollontai;Soviet Union;Sweden
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: RSU Medicīnas vēstures institūts. Paula Stradiņa Medicīnas vēstures muzejs.
Abstract: Alexandra Kollontai was the Soviet ambassador to Sweden in the years 1930 to 1945. In Sweden she gained many friends in the peace- and women’s movement and among these were several female physicians. This article describes and investigates the friendships between Swedish female physicians and Alexandra Kollontai. The three physicians focused on are Ada Nilsson (1872–1964), Andrea Andreen (1888–1972) and Nanna Svartz (1890–1986). It is found that Kollontai and the physicians became proper friends, although initial contacts between them had political or medical causes.
DOI: 10.25143/amhr.2021.XIV.04
ISSN: 1022-8012
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