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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Relationship between Academic Self-Efficacy and Cognitive Load for Students in Distance Learning .Griskevica, Inguna; Iltners, Martins
3-Jan-2023Exploring the activities and outcomes of digital teaching and learning of practical skills in higher education for the social and health care professions: a scoping reviewSöderlund, Anne; Blazeviciene, Aurelija; Elvén, Maria; Vaskelyte, Alina; Strods, Raimonds; Blese, Inguna; Paakkonen, Heikki; Fernandes, Antonio; Cardoso, Daniela; Kav, Sultan; Baskici, Cigdem; Wiktsröm-Grotell, Camilla; Centre for Educational Growth
2019Competence development of young entrepreneurs through educational innovationsTitko, Jelena; Bierne, Jekaterina
1-Dec-2014Ethical Challenges in Teaching Genetics for Medical StudentsNagle, Erika; Kažoka, Dzintra; Department of Biology and Microbiology; Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology
Nov-2022Online videos : The hidden curriculumDias da da Silva, Marco Antonio; Costa Pereira, Andresa; Vital, Sibylle; Marino, Rodrigo; Ghanim, Aghareed; Skelton-Macedo, Mary Caroline; Kavadella, Argyro; Kakaboura, Afrodite; Uribe, Sergio E.; Johnson, Ilona; Dalessandri, Domenico; Walmsley, Damien; Rīga Stradiņš University
26-Sep-2022Peripheral Contingencies : Experiences of International Scholars in LatviaPuzo, Ieva; Faculty of Communication
Apr-2022Covid-19 and Ukrainian Crisis Exponentiates the Need for the Inclusion of Conflict and Disaster Medicine in Medical CurriculumJain, Nityanand; Prasad, Sakshi; Bordeniuc, Alina; Tanasov, Andrei; Cheuk, Chun Pong; Panag, Deepkanwar Singh; S Wia Tek, Dorota; Platos, Emilia; Betka, Marta Maria; Senica, Simone Oliver; Patel, Shiv; Czárth, Zsófia Csenge; Jain, Shivani; Reinis, Aigars; Rīga Stradiņš University; Department of Biology and Microbiology
2022New Solution for Human Anatomy Remote Teaching to Medical Students : An Implementation of a Demo Class in Study CourseKažoka, Dzintra; Pilmane, Māra; Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology
2016Hope amidst uncertainty : foreign scientists in contemporary JapanPuzo, Ieva
15-Mar-2022Is It Essential for Occupational Health and Safety Experts to Know the English Language? Results From Several Studies in LatviaMatisāne, Linda; Paegle, Linda; Akūlova, Lāsma; Eglīte, Maija; Vanadziņš, Ivars; Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health