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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Medicinal Plants in the Records of Latvian Folk Medicine and Analysis of Their Practical Applications. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisDambrova, Maija; Romāne, Edita; Sīle, Inga
2021Development of Pharmacy Under the Influence of Occupation Powers in Latvia (1939–1960). Summary of the Doctoral ThesisMauriņa, Baiba; Lauze, Sabīne
2021Evaluation of Signs of Skin Aging in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome after Substitution Therapy with Antioxidants. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisĶīsis, Jānis; Voicehovska, Jūlija; Janovska, Jana
2021Right Atrial Morphology in Coronary Heart Disease and Degenerative Aortic Valve Stenosis. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisPilmane, Māra; Lācis, Romans; Vārtiņa, Edīte
2021Analysis of Prognostic Significance of Biochemical Markers and Morphological Parameters in the Development of Bone Disease in Myeloma Patients. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisLejniece, Sandra; Auziņa, Daiga
2021Causes and Genomic Approaches to Female Reproductive Failure. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisMiskova, Anna; Kempa, Inga; Voložonoka, Ludmila
2021The Role of the WTO in the Development of International Trade: History, Problems and Perspectives of International Trade Law. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisGrasis, Jānis; Abuseridze, Giga
2019Foreign Private Banks as Europeanization Agents: Example of Latvia 1995–2004. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisBleiere, Daina; Bukovskis, Kārlis
2021Road Safety Habits and Related Factors of the Adult Population. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisVilleruša, Anita; Bukova-Žideļūna, Aija
2021The Role of Emotions in Sustaining and Transmitting the Song and Dance Celebration. Summary of the Doctoral ThesisLaķe, Anda; Vinogradova, Līga