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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Inflammatory and Non-Inflammatory Risk Factors in Acquired Aortic Valve Stenosis. Doctoral ThesisMackēvičs, Vitolds; Tretjakovs, Pēteris; Hofmanis, Juris
2019Protective Effects and Mechanisms of Action of methyl-GBB in the Preclinical Models of Diabetes and Its Complications. Doctoral ThesisDambrova, Maija; Voļska, Kristīne
2020The Role of Functional Arterial Properties in Prediction of Clinical Outcomes of Septic Patients. Doctoral ThesisStrīķe, Eva; Vanags, Indulis; Kazūne, Sigita
2020Magnetic Resonance Enterography in the Diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease Using Diffusion-Weighted Imaging with Background Body Signal Suppression (DWIBS) Sequence. Doctoral ThesisKrūmiņa, Gaida; Apine, Ilze
2019Foreign Private Banks as Europeanization Agents: Example of Latvia 1995–2004. Doctoral ThesisBleiere, Daina; Bukovskis, Kārlis
2015Discovery of a Novel Cardioprotective Drug Methyl-GBB: Pharmacological Potential for Lowering Acyl-Carnitines. Doctoral ThesisDambrova, Maija; Makrecka-Kūka, Marina
2019Perioperative Dynamics of Renal Functional and Structural Damage Markers in Children, Undergoing Open Heart Surgery. Doctoral ThesisPētersons, Aigars; Pētersons, Aivars; Krastiņš, Jēkabs
2016Comparison of Rehabilitation Outcomes for Persons After Stroke in Latvia and Sweden. Doctoral ThesisVētra, Anita; Stibranta Sunerhāgena, Katarīna; Bērziņa, Guna
2017Discovery of E1R: a Novel Positive Allosteric Modulator of Sigma-1 Receptor. Doctoral ThesisDambrova, Maija; Vāvers, Edijs
2018Treatment Adherence of Asthma Patients in Latvia and Factors Related to Adherence. Doctoral ThesisBriģis, Ģirts; Šmits, Dins